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Madison, WI


Family Law |  Divorce |  Paternity

If you are facing a divorce or legal issues regarding a spouse, former spouse or your children, you need an experienced lawyer that is there to return your calls, answer your questions, and effectively represent you in all legal proceedings. I have the experience and compassion to help you through this difficult time, whether that means reaching an out-of-court settlement, full-scale litigation or something in between. I also represent clients in the collaborative divorce process, which involves a commitment by both parties to resolve the issues outside of court. For more information, see the Collaborative Family Law Council of Wisconsin. (


Criminal Defense |  Drunk Driving (OWI)

With more than 20 years experience in criminal defense, I will effectively and economically represent you before a judge, during plea negotiations or at trial.


Child Protective Services (CHIPS)

If you have been reported to Child Protective Services (CPS) or your children have been removed from your home, call me to help your family remain intact or to have your children returned to your care.


Civil |  Contracts  |  Personal Injury

I have more than 20 years experience in helping people with all types of civil issues, including contract disputes and claims for damages for personal injuries or property damage. I have the skills to assist you in obtaining a pre-trial settlement if possible, or in effectively presenting your case to the judge or jury to obtain the best result possible.

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